Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Bawal Pelangi

Maaflah lama tak update blog ni.. Tengah kemaskini stok yang terbaru. Selain saya kurang sihat lepas raya itu hari. Takpe. Kali ini saya update Kakeena Scarf dengan tudung Bawal Pelangi. Ini corak terbaru dan terkini. Semuanya cantik-cantik kay.

Kalau nak order boleh jer terus email ke

Code - BP 01
Harga - RM 20

Code - BP 02
Harga - RM 20

Code - BP 03
Harga - RM 20

Code - BP 04
Harga - RM 20

Code - BP 05
Harga - RM 20

Code - BP 06
Harga - RM 20

Code - BP 07
Harga - RM 20

Code - BP 08
Harga - RM 20

Code - BP 09
Harga - RM 20

Monday, 6 August 2012

Promosi Raya #1

Kakeena Scarf Mengadakan promosi sempena Hari Raya. Untuk yang pertama ini, Kami promosi kan Nuzhah Square Scarf. Dapatkan sebeleum terlambat.

Nuzhah Square Scarf
Bidang - 45"
Harga : RM30
Harga promosi : RM 25

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Keena Bawal Plain

Ada yang suka pakai tudung bawal. Saya salah seorang yang suka pakai tudung bawal. Sebab its more simple design. So kali ni Kakeena Scarf bawakan koleksi tudung bawal untuk tatapan anda semua. So jadikan dia salah satu dari koleksi tudung anda.

Tudung Bawal Plain
Harga : - RM 8

BWL 01

BWL 02

BWL 03

BWL 04

BWL 05

BWL 06

BWL 07

BWL 08

BWL 09

BWL 10

BWL 11

BWL 12

BWL 13

BWL 14

BWL 15

BWL 16

BWL 17

Monday, 9 July 2012

Aryaa Printed Flower

Bagi penggemar tudung petak, jangan lepaskan peluang untuk memiliki Arya Printed Flower ini. 
Corak bunga yang menarik dan pelbagai warna.
Stok adalah terhad

Material - Bawal Scarf
Harga - RM 10

APF 01

APF 02

APF 03

APF 04

APF 05

APF 06

APF 07

Monday, 2 July 2012

Nuzhah Square Scarf

Bagi penggemar tudung petak, jangan lepaskan peluang untuk memiliki Nuzhah Scarf ini. 
Kenapa mesti memiliki Nuzhah dari Kakeena Scarf 
Nuzhah dihasilkan dari kain cotton yang lembut, senang untuk digayakan.

Material: Quality Cotton
 HARGA:- RM 30 
UKURAN:- 1Meter X 1Meter
Dan juga kualiti kain yang terbaik.

Kod : NZ01
Corak : Pink Flower
Harga : RM 30

Kod : NZ02
Corak : Purple Flower
Harga : RM 30

Kod : NZ03
Corak : Green Abstract
Harga : RM 30

Kod : NZ04
Corak : Grey White Parsley
Harga : RM 30

Kod : NZ05
Corak : Baby Blue Flower
Harga : RM 30

Monday, 25 June 2012

Khyra Shawl

Salam Hijabista,
New and the first koleksi  dari Kakeena Scarf
Khyra Shawl diperbuat dari kain cotton yang bermutu tinggi.
Limited pieces for you all to grab

Type: Long shawl/scarf
Measurement: Approximately 1.7 m x 0.5 m
Price & material: High Quality Cotton / Cotton Silk

Design - Parsley Green
RM 37

Design - Parsley Grey
RM 37

Design - Parsley Turqiuse
RM 37

Design - Flower Brown
RM 37

The last one is extra special. This scarf made from high grade of Cotton Silk. The texture are very soft and easy to wear. You all will love it

Design - Pink Shock 
RM 42

The price is exclude the postage. But if you all buy 3 item and more there are a suprise for you all

Thank you and happy shopping..

Saturday, 23 June 2012

About Us

Kakeena Scarf was officially launched on the 24 June 2012. It design for all hijabs and scarfs lovers. The founder, Miss Watie Jalil  is a young mother who love trendy scarf and hijabs.

You all can contact us at for enquires and question.

Love ..
Watie Jalil

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Terms & Conditions

  • Serious buyers ONLY. No backouts buyers. If you would like to cancel your order, please email to us. We will not blacklist you if you inform us of your back outs before hand.

  • We have the right to refuse rude customers.
  • Price is FIXED. We will try to give our best in terms of pricing in accordance to the quality we provide.
  • The promotion is valid if the item have been told it has promotion. Not all items will have a promotion.
  • Please allow us to deliver your item(s) 2-3 days after payment has been made. We need time to check each customer's payment, wrap everything and ship out the items via Pos Laju. At the moment, we only have 2 staff handling order emails, shipment, stock and our website daily.
  • All sales are FINALItems sold are not exchangeable or returnable. BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  • No refund once payment is done unless items ordered are out of stock.
  • Colours in the pictures might be slightly different from the real products because of the monitor setting. Therefore we will state the actual colour of the products.
  • IMPORTANT: Reservation is ONLY allowed for 36 hours. After that, all reservations without payment will be automatically cancelled. Sales are under FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis.
  • We will not be held responsible for any loss or damages incurred during shipping.
  • If addressee is not available at the time Pos Laju arrives at your shipping address, we advise you to collect your item at your nearest Pos Laju branch or request them to resend the package at your preferred time.
  • Items paid will be shipped TWICE times a week. Reservations are only for 36 hours, which means if you order on Thursday, you have to make payment before or on Saturday.
  • Shipping Method : Pos Laju ONLY. No COD at the moment.
  • After confirming your payment, we will mail out ur item. Please take note that we do mailing only 2 times per week.Please allow 1-3 business days for the item to be shipped out. If Backout Happens , there will be no refund.

Order Form

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Happy shopping with us.

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